Last Minute Gift Ideas- FOR HIM!

It happens every year for me…

I get to the point where I feel pretty accomplished in every “Christmas present buying” department besides, him. For me, my fiancé is really really really hard to buy for. I mean REALLY hard. He’s a snowmobiler and he honestly gets himself whatever he wants all the time so it makes it a little difficult to buy for him this time of the year!

I have came up with a list of last minute, affordable gifts for him that I hope you find helpful!

I stopped at TJ MAXX for some last minute things tonight and snapped a few ideas that I attached here! I will list the rest just for ideas!

  1. Socks + underwear (guys can always use that stuff right?!)

  2. a watch ( TJ MAXX has $35 watches that are so stylish + fun! Can’t go wrong!)

  3. A coat. A stylish one or a versatile one for winter events! Maybe add a hat and gloves with it!

  4. Multitool! I have it pictured here! It was $15 and men can never have too many multi tools!

  5. A speaker! (I feel like if your man has a garage or a space that he spends some time whenever he isn’t with you, this is an awesome gift idea! Or if he likes to listen to music in the shower!)

  6. Headphones! ( For work, or when they are on their laptop and want to listen to music!)

  7. Cologne! (A good smelling man is always a good idea!)

  8. Tickets to a show that he would like! (There are always shows playing near our house at the Resch Center in Green Bay and one of these times I will get him tickets to a cool event that we can also count as date night!)

  9. Speaking of DATE NIGHT! : A DATE NIGHT card box! You can totally get creative with this one! You can take notecards and write down fun things like, “one free back rub” or “dinner on me” or an outdoor activity! Decorate them + put them in a cute box with a bow + BAM!

  10. Last but certainly not least! Gift cards! Sometimes gift cards to one of his favorite places is the best decision you can make! If they are hard to buy for, might as well let them pick something out that they like! It makes it easy and if you go along, you can gain some insight on things he likes and you can make lists on things he points out!

We didn’t get each other a whole lot this year because our wedding is our gift to ourselves for the next couple years! But it is always nice to get each other something to open on Christmas morning! Santa has to come for the adults to ya know!

Even at the end of the day, the kiddos is all that REALLY matters! I can’t wait to share what Addie gets from Santa this year!