Lifestyle Sessions Are A MUST for your family in 2019 here's why!

2019 is going to be a BIG YEAR guys!

I have a question that I like to ask a lot of my clients and that is this…

“What is the vision you have for your moments when I capture them?” Most of you say that you just want your child to smile for “ONE PHOTO, oh please please please just one photo!” Some of you may say that about your husband! ;) In all reality though, everyone wants their moments captured as they look for the most part. With some images where everyone is calmly smiling at the camera and the overall look is just perfect and describes you completely.

My job is to go around and document moments in peoples lives everyday. I love making people feel good about themselves and what they are doing, whether its raising three kids under 5 or have raised a whole family and have been here to see their grandchildren start high school. A wedding couple starting their lives together or having a baby. I adore my job so much so it was absolutely not even a second thought in my mind after thinking initially about having a photographer come document something we as a family do often in our new home!

Let me tell you, if there is ONE THING you do with your family this year it is this. Have a family + lifestyle photographer come and document you doing something inside YOUR HOME!

This captivates milestones. Moments that even in one year from now you will look back on and erupt with happiness and smiles because they bring you right back to the moment.

Make homemade pizza, or maybe breakfast like we did. Have game night or build a snowman! It could be a fun family recipe that gets captured or even decorating your Christmas tree (idea for next year!)

2019 make it about the moments, the little things that make your family so unique + real. Focus on helping the little ones clean their room or helping them draw their name for the first time! Maybe cozy up by the fire and read stories to each other or listen to music and have a dance party! Whatever “your family thing” is, I strongly urge you to go out (and by go out I mean get a photographer to come in) and get a moment that doesn’t seem so huge right now documented by someone who specializes in that. Years down the road you will not regret it! Thats a promise!

I am hoping and praying that you all have not only the best start to 2019 but the most amazing end to 2018! Thanks for reading!