Addie is ready for Christmas! Here's our best tips for decorating with kiddos this holiday!

Hello! Welcome to my very first post on this part of the newly renovated blog + website! I am Ally, the lady behind the lens (most of the time) and the mom + writer of the majority of these posts!

I am so glad you are here for my first family post on “The Schuh Space” portion of the blog! Here we will talk about pretty much all things life. Recipes for date night, recipes that are fun (and maybe a little messy) with kids! We will talk about home life, decor, our favorites places + spaces. We love to share a little piece of our side of the internet with you!

We recently moved to a very, very, VERY small country town in Northern WI, and this is our first Christmas in this home! After two months of non stop working + renovating we finally have our living space truly ready for the holidays!

Our daughter Addie, who you will see very often here is pumped to have helped decorate the tree + get everything organized!

Today we share our 5 biggest tips + tricks to decorating for the holidays + making it fun for the kids!

  • BLAST THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Nothing says “Holiday Spirit” like christmas music! We crank up the spotify christmas playlist and let our legs go wild while we dance + sing to our favorite Christmas songs!

  • Get shiny ornaments + tinsel! My daughter loves shiny + gold! (Just like her mama!) We tend to change up our theme of our tree every two years or so and this year we went with as white as we could! Addie loves how beautiful and shiny it is at night when we watch movies!

  • Let them choose their stocking! Sometimes when kiddos are young, they lose their interest really fast. Addie does all the time and sometimes cartoons take over! To keep her interested I got her a really furry stocking + we just tell her that St. Nick will put goodies in there if she’s good!

  • Plan out movie nights! We are a big movie family. Almost 4 times a week we set aside time to sit down together and enjoy a good movie while cuddling on the couch! Christmas movies are the absolute best and Addie loves “The Grinch!” We have watched that movie a number of times this season already!

  • Try to stay organized with lights + wall decor by designating a box + letting the little ones bring you the items from the box! We keep all of our decorations in two very large cardboard boxes and all of our items that are not Christmas themed go inside those boxes while we put up our Christmas items! Addie loves to look inside and see what we all have for decor and then we choose from there! Then when the season is over, everything is easily placed back and you are still organized! (And that’s coming from a “not so organized” individual!

I hope you’ll try these fun tips with your kiddos and remember that as long as you find some holiday spirit, Santa will still come to your house!

Happy Holidays!

Allyson Broecker