New Years Plans (With your Family)

Hi friends!

I hope your Christmas was so fulfilling and you got to eat allllll the food + watch alllll the christmas movies in your jammies with your family or whatever it is that is tradition with you! We spent 5 days straight with our families and just enjoyed the time together. For the first time since we Zach + I have been living together, we actually spent a lot of time with our families and we both agreed, every Christmas should be like that! It is so nice to just sit and relax + enjoy some drinks and play games with your family. The busy time and hustle and bustle of life gets in the way sometimes so it should be a priority to get that quality time!

Same with New Years! We all know, the tradition is to stay up until midnight, get that kiss and if you are like me, pretty much head to bed right after that!

This year our layout is a tad different as we live an hour away from our family and with New Years being on a Monday, we decided to spend it with some of our friends and their kids! I want to give you some great tips + tricks to spend NYE with your fam while making sure YOU stay awake + if you are the “cool parents” like myself and Zach…Keep your kiddos awake too!

I have set up 5 fun + cost efficient ideas to ring in the new year with your kiddos!

  1. A living room fort is something my daughter, Addie always adores! Making it fun to hang out and watch the tv while laying in your living room fort, enjoying a snack waiting for the new year is a perfect way to start (or end) the evening! The kids will love the quality time + you can enjoy a nice glass of champagne with your honey + you all can be creative with the set up!

  2. Dress Up partayyyyyy!!! I don’t know about you guys but in our house, we love to dress up! Addie adores wearing dresses and trying on my lipsticks. Yes I let her play around with my makeup! (See one of my instagram posts of her for reference!) It gives the kids a chance to feel like royalty + look like the people they are seeing performing on TV! Maybe have a little concert or be a performer for NYE with some hats + noise makers!

  3. Create goodie bags that have confetti + NYE themed snacks in them! Glitter baked goods + NYE themed bingo would be a great hit for the kids + fun for you and your partner too! You can label them with a clock + have little noise makers + other fun knick knacks in there!

  4. The cheapest + most fun way to ring in the new year! Tie up some balloons to the ceiling + at midnight! Drop the balloons to create a fun balloon party!!! You can drop it early if you are getting tired!

  5. Fun games are the key to keeping everyone awake + ready to party! Hat decorating + NYE bingo + create party slime or create a kitchen 2019 themed dinner! (Homemade pizza is a good idea if you ask me!)

Try out these amazing tips + comment below if you found this helpful! Subscribe to read more from our blog!