Cute Green Bay Date Night Spot Great for The Family!

I don’t know about you, but our family is always looking for a great spot for food, fun + atmosphere! We tend to migrate towards Green Bay when we aren’t traveling because there are so many new and upcoming places that are always changing! The Green Bay area gets hopping when the weather gets nice! For my birthday I just wanted a cool vibe and some good food! Not too much to ask for!

I asked around for some recs and it brought us to The Cannery Public Market in downtown Green Bay!

Their menu is fantastic + their atmosphere is just as cool as it is vintage! This spot is perfect for a date night or a family outing for a birthday! AND if you do go for a birthday, you get a FREE DESSERT! How about that!

It is located in the heart of downtown Green Bay so as the weather gets nicer, you will have so many other fun things to do downtown especially during the farmers market, etc!

Make The Cannery your next date night spot! You will not be disappointed!