Living Room Decor Haul!

Hi Ladies + Gents!

R E A R R A N G E —

Looking for a fresher living room? I have selected a few different fun + easy options that are super cost friendly to make your space feel new + fresh!

Of course rearranging is one thing that will always make a space feel brand new! I get bored really easily with furniture and need change constantly! I am actually thinking about getting a new rug to switch out for spring! Thinking stripes might be the trick!

I got my area rug from and it was a crazy great price of only $175! I was amazed! The design in it is so pretty + has a lot of different colors to work off of!

When shopping for home decor, I always love TJ MAXX to look for different throw pillows + throw blankets! We are pretty casual and we have a dog so I am constantly changing out my pillows and blankets with other ones but check out TJ MAXX for some amazing deals on different throw pillows right now!

G R E E N S + P L A N T S —

I can easily say that plants either real or fake, have a way of making a space feel cozy + bright all at one time! You can easily get some fake plants ( which is what I have to do because I literally kill every real plant that comes within reach of me, not proud of it!)

W A L L A R T —

One of the easiest ways to create your oasis + a space that either brings memories to your family constantly or truly brightens up your space and makes you so happy is wall art. Photos of your family are so important to display in your home. Of course you want it to be done in a tasteful way! I linked the canvas store that we got our amazing engagement photo printed on! You can get a CRAZY DEAL!

Of course we always want our spaces to be cozy + organized. This is the year of DE CLUTTER! I will be sharing some tips on how to de clutter with the help of my fabulous fiancé who keeps me constantly organizing and making sure we are keeping the house clutter free! With kiddos, it can be hard some time!

Be sure to check back on some tips on our kitchen haul as well! We are in the process of reorganizing and majorly cleaning out our cabinets!