The Woven Straw Bag to own this Summer!

Hey friends!

Well, I am officially a MARRIED WOMAN! Woohoo! It is so so very exciting and honestly was one of the most amazing experiences ever! In fact, I will be making multiple posts about outfits worn, adventures we had, MY DRESS! Zach’s suit, ADDIE’S DRESS as well as our travels and where we stayed all the way to what we did and the routes we took!

First, let me just give some love to WAL-MART. While in Idaho Springs, CO we had to make a few different trips to some stores before everyone arrived. We wanted to give our friends and family a little gift for making the trip all the way to CO to watch us start our lives together! So obviously went to wally-world because who doesn’t?!

I of course get side tracked every time I go anywhere and this bag caught my eye… Literally a bag that I found online for like $75. Legit I paid $16.99 for this and it has a compartment on the inside for things like my phone, sunglasses, pens, etc and so much room for everything else I tend to carry with me on trips and it comes in FOUR colors!! Linked below!

It is hands down the most amazing bag for the BEST price! I tried to stay super casual on the trip and attempted to really just been the moment with everyone and everything I did! I would say it was a total successs!!

Cannot wait to share all of the magic with you all! Linked my outfit below! And my shirt is on sale for $21.00!