A Daily Fav

Hey beauties!

Fall is in full swing + I am sharing one of my ALL TIME favorite outfits I have ever styled! The best part? This top is $15 + I am all about that affordable life!

As most of you know if you follow me on the social, that my husband and myself like to renovate our home + we love to do projects! This blog started solely because I have a passion for sharing + cultivating a style that I can be proud of, that makes me feel good + that inspires others to find their style, without breaking the bank.

Some style items of course, you have to splurge on + I fully support that! But when it comes to daily items that I know I will wear again, if I can find a good deal, I am all about it!

Recently I came across the website www.shein.com which I have came across before but wasn’t too sure if I wanted take the leap and buy a bunch from because it is an overseas website! But I recently purchased a haul of clothes and I tried them + honestly loved 95% of them!

The other 5% I probably just have to find the right way to style the pieces honestly! But overall, I am SO satisfied with their items and for the price, you can’t beat it! Plus, they came so fast like I mean 5 days after I ordered them, they were on my porch + I was surprised! It was fabulous!

This top is literally so flattering. Styling it in different ways is probably one of my favorite things about it! It is a bold piece but versatile enough that I can wear it again and have it look completely different!

Stay tuned with how I end up styling this piece next because this isn’t the last time you’ll see it!

Shop it below!



happy shopping!