Eye Heart World - The Rose Home

This is a slightly different post than many other posts I have made in the past. It’s about an issue that is amongst all of us. In every town, city, village, it could even be your next door neighbor there is someone, somewhere suffering from the cruel and sick world of sex trafficking.

This epidemic is stealing the lives of women + men everywhere and has grown tremendously in the past 10 years, in our country. When I think about that it scares me for my daughters future at times because this horrible tragedy that is stinging so many neighborhoods, etc is a reality and there are people that do not care that you have a family and a life. They care about the money and the greed and the power of owning a body and selling it for their own benefit.

This dark world has many sides and everywhere we go there are efforts to release these victims and survivors from the grip of the cruel world of sex trafficking.

Eye Heart World + The Rose Home are both efforts to help the survivors get back on their feet after being slaved in the world of sex trafficking. It is a safe place for many young women and women alone who have been victimized and stripped of their innocence and life.

I love that Apricot Lane shares the support and has access to the organization in effort to help make people aware of some realities in our own city. The Eye Heart World organization caught my eye early on when Apricot Lane Opened. The amount of support that is offered to women who have gone through such a traumatic experience captivated me. The efforts to prevent sex trafficking and help individuals find a place in this world to get back on their feet is something that everyone needs after any type of disaster that strikes in their life. Almost always, this life is not one that someone chooses rather they get forced to “serve” in a world that is foreign, yet it’s happening here.

Spreading awareness + standing for something is where I find Eye Heart World so very important in our community. The owner of Apricot Lane gave me a little statement which I couldn’t agree with more and through merchandise that Apricot Lane sells, we can bring the awareness to the front and stand tall together to make a difference in our community!

“So many girls in our community are victims of violence and human trafficking. We need to stand tall to create a more public awareness of this issue and make it stop. It is not okay and we must speak up and do something/say something. It needs to be the next “me too” movement in our community.

You can show your support by donating or going to any of their retail partners to purchase merchandise to show your support in our community to those who suffer from violence and human trafficking.

Allyson Broecker